Wednesday, April 25, 2012


... or, as I have come to call it, "Let's not get fat again, m'kay?"

I sort-of feel sorry for whoever is reading this blog - if anyone - because, really, this first post is bound to be the single most confusing/off-putting mental diarrhea I have ever put out there. I promise that the posts will get better (more composed, a large serving of humor, etc.), but now? My brain has been constipated and needs a little relief.

Still interested?
Read on!

I am officially sick of hearing myself talk about getting in shape and improving my diet. These little 'catchphrases' are of particular annoyance:
"I'm just stuck in a rut right now..."
"I'd exercise if I could find the time..."
"Well, I tried that, but..."
"If healthy food wasn't so expensive..."

I'm allowing my health and well-being to be stopped by a mental block, time constraints, past effort and money?
It would be one thing if I didn't already spend money on groceries... but I do. Or if I couldn't find a source of inspiration... but I can. Or if I couldn't learn from past experiences... but I have. Or if I didn't have friends to kick my ass whenever I threw out some lame excuse... but they can (and will).

Enter "Year of the GETOFFYOURASS", or what I will be referring to as GOYA.

Unless you and a calendar have not made contact in a while, you will have undoubtedly noticed that it is not January 1st... rendering this either an extremely tardy New Years resolution, or me a highly accomplished procrastinator - only one of those is correct (the latter), but that doesn't matter. This is all about G-ingOYA, after all, and I fully intend to flip-off any guilt and G my A in gear.

Categories I'm focusing on:

1. Bachelor's Degree
2. Exercise
3. Voice-Overs
4. Food
5. Writing

What that entails:

1. Enroll in an online bachelor's program.
a. As-of last week, I have; I'm starting at WSU Online on May 7th, taking two classes for summer semester. 
b. Look into increasing my course load for fall semester; with only 43 credits needed to graduate, it's tantalizingly close.
c. Carve out (and, really, it will be a viciously bloody carving) the much-needed time to study - nights, weekends, days-as-of-yet-invented.

2. Um... exercise.
a. Something. Everyday. Not hard to do...
b. Zumba? Kickboxing? Dance? Swimming? Running (ohdearlordno)?

3. Training... and then getting out there.
a. As-of 5/20, I will; I've enrolled in a 4-week course/workshop with a local expert... and might do another one.
b. Get a demo together (WHERE? MONEY?)
c. Head shots (WHERE? MONEY?)

4. Don't be stupid about food choices.
a. Candy is not a meal.
b. Smoothies are.
c. If it's highly processed, it's probably a "stupid".

5. Put pen to paper. Repeat. Bask in the glow of accomplishment.
a. As-of June, 2012, I am published; Cascadia Community College's annual magazine is publishing two pieces of mine - a flash fiction and a poem.
b. Make time once a week to write (SET A PAGE GOAL?).
c. Keep a notebook on myself at all time, and become that creepy girl taking notes on seemingly random things.

See? Mental diarrhea.
I suggest washing your hands.

More (better-ly constructed word-things) next time...


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  1. I look forward to following this :-) I'll be joining you in this year of getting off my own ass. So if you ever wanna work out together, I'm down. We can chastise one another into thin-hood!

    But above all, congrats on taking the most important, first step of have a plan and the initiative to do it. Do your thang!