Friday, May 4, 2012

Perks of Working Downtown - The Series

If you have met me, you will have undoubtedly been presented with my love of all things Seattle. I have, on occasion, made such proclamations as "I'd marry it if I could", "Is it possible to make love to a city?", and "Mmm, Seattle". It's safe to say that I, Krystal Bishop, am a Seattlephile.

On my way back from lunch a scant four minutes ago, my nutrient-starved brain started making a list of all the things I love about working downtown. Oh, sure... there are pages and lists galore online touting the many amazing reasons why one should visit downtown Seattle (most not moving past Pike Place Market, the Space Needle/Seattle Center/EMP, and the Ducks)... but where's the love for Seattle's faithful proletariat?

It's here.

Perks of Working Downtown - #1:
This one may/should be obvious, but the close proximity to and and everything is kind of key here. Whether it's food you need or errands that won't wait, the convenience factor is HIGH.

Maybe it's the nice li'l flood of endorphins talking (hello... desk job!), but I am one happy girl.

I mean, come on, we have our own VILLAIN.


  1. $2.25 for a taco from a taco truck -- that's a convenience factor I can do without.

    But, running across the street to Uwajimaya for curry fixins or quirky Japanese stuff, that is definitely worth it.

  2. B. is like you work in the same building that I do....are you at Cobalt, by chance?

    I agree, Krystal. I love working down town!!!!